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I am soaring!  Best first meet ever!  I feel like I can fly without an engine!

I was very bad, in a good way.  He inspired me!

Thursday 8/15/13
He winked me on AM.  
Age 52.  6’0” 215 pounds.  Sounds about right. 
It was my first contact since the jerk in July, so I was skittish.  His profile was very terse but there was a spark there.  So I wrote him back. Made him laugh, he said.  Seduced him, he said.  
Friday 8/16/13
He wrote to me first thing in the morning.  Adore that!  We chatted on Yahoo IM much of the day.  Testing the waters.  Circling around each other. 
Saturday and Sunday 
We emailed. I asked him the funky questions – favorite music, tickets to any event in history, favorite woman’s body part, fantasy I can help fulfill, when he lost his virginity, what women say surprises them about him, etc. trying to get some clues to his personality. 
Monday 8/19/13
He emailed me early and IMd me again.  Told me he had a business meeting in my city.  He wanted to be bold.. he wanted to see me.  I told him no.  I sent him snippets from Kat’s blog about her Seattle guy to read.  I sent him a .gif and a 5 min BJ video. 
1) Over the edge of the bed
10-sec .gif
2) “The Black Gift” 
Camille Crimson giving a blow job
5 min video 
He watched them right away, told me what he liked, how he’d improve on them.  Yes! 
He emailed at lunch, said he had an hour, asked me to lunch.  I couldn’t leave my desk for that long – busy day.  He wrote back asked what he should do?  I told him to call me.  I gave him my Google Voice # and went into a private office of someone on vacation.  
We talked.  He has a wonderful deep voice – smooth and sexy.  He asked about other AM men I’d met.  We talked about porn.  He said he was smitten.  No woman had sent him porn before! 
He cajoled me into meeting him for coffee.  I told him to meet me at Starbucks.  He knew where the one closest to me was.  Said he’d be there in 15 minutes.  He told me he was wearing a white dress shirt and blue suit pants.  I told him I also had on blue pants, and blue top with white squiggles. 
2:25 pm
The meet
I walked over to Starbucks and he was sitting at a table outside.  He smiled as I crossed the street.  We hugged and he kissed me on the cheek.  He had silver hair, beautiful blue eyes, nice shoulders covered by a very classy white button-down shirt.  He was mesmerizing!  He looks like George Clooney!  I adored looking at him.  I thought, “I will do just about anything to keep looking at this man!” 
We went in to Starbucks and he bought me an iced chai latte!  He got one too!  I stood close to him, patted on him.  I was so nervous… I was giggling.  He noticed.  I took deep breaths.  He stared at me like I was beautiful.  He made me feel beautiful.  And sexy.  
He asked me where I’d like to sit.  I asked if we could sit in his car.  He put a hand on my back and led me to it down the street.  I could feel the sparks arcing from his hand through me!  
In his car
He turned on the car and said, “I am not trying to kidnap you, just want the a/c on.”  I smiled at him.  He stared at me, asked if I was glad to be there.  I asked if he was a salesman.  He stared at me and I knew I had guessed right.  He smiled and nodded.  I told him I’m an office manager. 
I asked him what he wanted right that moment.  He said, “Kiss you.”  I replied “Do it.”  He slowly leaned over and pressed his lips on mine.  And we kissed.  And kissed and kissed.  I explored his face and neck with my right hand.  I traced his ear.  He sighed and stopped and stared at me.  I played with his very trim white chin covering and mustache, told him I liked it.  He smiled. I traced his lips with my finger, pressed in and out of his mouth and he sucked on it.  We kissed more.  I nibbled on his lower lip.   I told him I wanted to muss his hair… he said, “Better not,” and I nodded.  “Don’t worry, I won’t… this time,” I sassed him.
I played with his nipple.  He made a very happy face and I asked “sensitive there?”  “Oh yes,” he replied, moaning a little as I flicked it, made his dress shirt rub against it.  I told him if we were alone, I’d put my mouth on it… suck it… flick it with my tongue, suck it, bite it gently.  He looked like that was a very good idea.  He closed his eyes and savored my touch.  He said he’d reciprocate.  We kissed more. 
We noticed that a couple of construction guys were smoking on the sidewalk about 10 feet away and staring at us.  One of them gave him a thumbs-up.  He asked if it was okay to move the car to a more private spot.  I hesitated slightly and he reassured me, said he’d only go a block or so away, only if I felt okay with it.  He said he didn’t want us to get arrested.  I nodded.  He pulled around the corner to a quieter side street.  He said he would have to go in about 10 minutes but he wanted to make the best of it.  We kissed more, got into a duel of tongues.  
He asked me what I was thinking… I told him I was seeing a room with a bed.  He growled “naked” and I melted.  I adore a man who will let me talk, and add to it!  
He started staring at my chest.  I asked if he wanted to see the famous cleavage.  He smiled.  I pulled my top down and his eyes bugged out.  Heh.  I told him to put his finger there.  He did and then he sucked on it!  Very sexy move.  I told him to think about other things he might put down there.  His eyes got very big.  
I put his hand on my breast.  He squeezed and pressed. Mmmm
I grabbed his hand, kissed his palm then put his index finger in my mouth… I sucked on it, made slurping noises and looked up at him.  He gave me a look of fire.  Such beautiful blue eyes. 
3 pm
He said he had to go.  He kissed me again, squeezed my leg.  I played my way from his knee to his crotch and he squirmed in his seat.  He sat back and put the car in gear, asked me where I wanted to be dropped off.  I told him to take me back to Starbucks.  He pulled into the parking lot, gave me parting kiss and then I got out of the car.  He waved as he drove off.  I strolled down the sidewalk feeling lighter than air!  I was shaking… and soooo wet.

He emailed me about 1 minute later.  “Wow.” 

I wrote back.  “Yum.” 
He wrote “More.” 
I got 11 emails after he left me!  Terse but very special words.

Ah, nothing like new relationship energy!!!!!

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