August 11th, 2013
[from my private journal]
03:09 pm – Two year survivor and thriver! 
 Two years ago today, I saw my oncologist at Mass General Hospital, 
which marked the end of nine intense months of being tested, cut,
 stabbed,  poisoned and zapped in my effort to fight breast cancer.  
In some ways, it feels like yesterday.  In other ways, it was another life.  
I was very lucky to find my way to the Yawkey Center for Women’s 
Cancer at Mass General Hospital, thanks to the tenacity of my project pals
who worked there and at my health clinic.  The staff at those medical 
establishments saw me through some very challenging days with their 
expertise, ingenuity and humor. 
There was also an incredible sense of community and gratitude to 
everyone who sent me cat videos, brought me food or flowers, 
commented on my Facebook or blog, participated in the astonishing
“chemo calendar” that gave me gifts to open every week, sat with
 me in waiting rooms or treatment rooms and filled in with tasks I could 
not do for awhile.  And the folks who walked or rode bikes or donated 
to cancer research in my name!  I think of you today and hope you 
know what a difference you made.  Thank you! 
I left treatment with a fervent desire for my hair to grow back really fast!  
I had a renewed appreciation of  “Life is short – live it to the fullest!”  
And a gnawing feeling, as yet unresolved, that I should be doing 
something different with my life, that I lived for a reason.  I’m still 
searching for that path. 

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