The New Guy

I got a message from Ashley Madison!  A new guy!

The timing of contacts from Ashley Madison men can be rather spooky.  No new messages for weeks and then just when I decide that SeaMan was not for me, and maybe I am done?  Up pops an email from a new guy, starting off the month right with some fishing in the extra-marital affairs waters!

Late at night on a Saturday, maybe after his wife has gone to bed?  He looks at my profile, gives Ashley Madison his credit card, screws up his courage and writes to me.  I’m not sure when it changed, but AM now won’t send out the message.  I have to click on their site to see it.  Whatever.  I pop over there and read his words:


Saturday June 1, 2013 – 11:33pm
Ive never done this, and dont know exactly how to respond, but your description sounds very attractive. My profile sounds pretty lame but in the flesh im pretty good looking, 5’11”, 250 heavy but not fat, piercing blue eyes and grey hair. Im looking for someone to explore with. Love oral, slow buildup, talking and, more than anything else laughing. Would love to talk (by whatever means works for you) and see how this goes. 
Respond, if you want to take a chance. 

You wont be disappointed
It’s a nice message.  It doesn’t give any indication that he read my profile.  There’s an interesting mix of clueless and confidence.  It seems honest, real.  Do I believe it or is it a ploy?  But ugh… a newbie?  Hmmm… I read it again.  Okay, so he doesn’t like apostrophes.   Is that a thing? Maybe he wrote this on his phone?  Strange, because he writes well otherwise.   “Piercing blue eyes”… yum.  I go look at his profile.  
The profile name is innocuous enough… not terribly creative or catchy but not crude like 694u etc.  
I glance at his stats and as always, wonder if they are true.  I mostly assume they are fudged a little for security reasons.  It’s says 61… could be.  Height 6’0 (AM goes by 2 inch increments so he rounded up, okay), 250 is a bit heavy but then so am I too.  His limits are “Undecided.”  Ick.  I don’t like it.  Probably honest but make up your mind before you get on here!   Then he checked a few boxes, nothing exciting but nothing yucky.  He only wrote one sentence and it’s dull, doesn’t tell me much.  He’s right – it is lame in that “I just wanted to slap something up here” way of new members.  But his message is pretty good.  I feel like it deserves a response, even I don’t take it much further than that.  
So very late at night Saturday into Sunday (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at such things) I replied with a short message.  I agonize over these first messages.  Want to keep it short, upbeat, fun… stick in a question for him to answer.  I try to get him off AM to Yahoo.  Reassure him.  Hope it encourages him and makes him smile to get an answer within two hours!  
Here’s what he saw:
Date:  Jun 2nd – 1:34am
From:  Sassy
Hiya! I want to take a chance! Thanks for your sweet note and your interest in me. Welcome to the wild world of AM. We sound like twins… I’m tall, curvy, blue-eyed and silver haired! Exploring with you sounds fun. What would you like to know that will tell you if I’m the one to make you laugh? You can email me or chat over on Yahoo under the same user name. It’s okay to contact me anytime. Tell me more about what you want and what brings you here. I am open and straightforward… you can be also. Hugs with groping! -Sassy
So now… I wait.  I’ve never had a guy not write back, so I don’t worry too much.  I try not to think about it, be pleasantly surprised when his response appears.  *Hits refresh  *Hits refresh

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