Choke a chicken

Thursday, May 30, 2013
A great moment. I adore the way the Red Sox are keeping Boston strong.

1:07 pm
Found a great place near the car shop – basic Italian of the best kind!

Lasagna Bolognese with sausage @ Avellino’s, Medford
Hiya kid.  How goes?  Strange day here.  HOT!  Planned a beach trip – car a/c not working…left it in the shop.  argh.  Feel like I need to sacrifice a chicken or something to change my luck!
5:00pm Phil
Feel free to choke a chicken any time you like
Oh you!
5:24pm Phil
hee hee hee

One thought on “Choke a chicken

  1. Red Shoes says:

    Chicken choker?



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