Good review

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Good morning! Mom was feeling so good she made me take her out for Thai food!  I’m at the lab for regular blood tests, then busy day – helping train new folks.  Happy Thursday!
9:05am Phil
A morning smile. Delighted to hear Mom is doing well. Gorgeous day today. Seeing a show tomorrow, baseball game Saturday, special dinner on Sunday! Bring it on!
[photo of his smiling face and naked chest in the shower]
Oh and a party Saturday night. Whoo Hoo!
Wow!  Busy boy!  I just survived my annual performance review.  I am no longer a problem child!  Yahoo!
3:39pm Phil
Good for you!
Such a relief!  And they say my car is fixed.  Hope it’s true this time.  
And it’s 81 out!  Woot!  I adore that photo… it makes me wet!  Rock on!

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