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It’s Flash Fiction Friday!  And there’s been a change!  Advizor54, who used to run FFF and then didn’t for awhile, is back!  And he found a fun photo to start us off.  Click over to his smart and sexy blog, Free Advice is worth what you pay for it, to see what he and other brilliant bloggers wrote about the photo.  My take is below.

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Word Count:  327
Bonus Words:   Write about The Wookie, not the man inside the suit 
Required Phrase:    “strange at first”
Forbidden Words:     movie, set, casting, “Star Wars”

Extra Credit:      Tell us about your favorite NON-Star Wars fantasy boink


It was strange at first, seeing a human actor in a hairy suit play him on the screen.  His cousin LooBacca had written to tell him about the film the humans had made about the wild days of the Empire.  He beamed it on his com-to-com and watched with the family.  His son Lumpawaroo laughed, a little too heartily for his ego.  Lumpy had always had a strange sense of humor.  
Most of the details were wrong, as is usually the case when Hollywood tries to jazz up a story, but it was fun and made him look better than he probably had been.  He didn’t tell anyone that.  The human playing Han looked all wrong, but captured his spirit.  He wondered who had told them their story?  They made so many films!
Ah, how he missed those days!  What he wouldn’t give for another run between the asteroids with the gang.  He closed his eyes… getting all nostalgic.  The Princess gave him the best hugs!  
It did make the Earth gals hot for him – quite a bonus for an old wookiee!  They’d buy him a drink, stroke his fur and ask about his adventures.  He always told the truth.  Mostly.  Sort of.  They’d pet him like a dog, not getting that he was a fierce warrior and protector, and pretty good in the sack.  Everyone thought wookiees had small cocks.  Not true!  Now and then he’d show them.  Naughty Chewie!  But he didn’t have sex with them.  He was a family man. Mostly. And the women weren’t furry enough for his tastes!

Then there was that time he walked into the bar at a Frapatooie Hotel on the planet Zeem and got talking with Garibaldi sisters from Alaska.  Such beautiful brunettes!  Now there was some hair he could grab hold of!  They invited him upstairs to see their luxury suite, to have a soak in their tub. Mmm…. they knew how to treat a Wookiee! 

Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man) a cappella tribute medley song – Corey Vidal and Moosebutter

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