FFF Tomorrow

It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday!  
And there’s news!  Tom, of Three Spelling Mistakes, is ending his stint as “the guy who picks the photos and thinks up the prompt.” Huge thanks to him for giving me something strange and wonderful to write about every week!  Advizor54, of Free Advice is worth what you pay for it, is taking over again after his hiatus.  Watch his blog for next week’s prompt.  
Here’s this week’s challenge from Tom.  Check out what he and others wrote by going to his blog. My take is below.  
Word Limit: None. Go crazy!
Bonus Words: See above.
Required Word: Tomorrow
Forbidden Word: Goodbye

Extra Credit: Recycle characters used from an earlier FFF (yours or someone else’s) while I was running it!
“We have to leave tomorrow?” she asked as they finished their walk and stared out at the vast landscape.  
“Yes.  At first light. Burning Man will be over.  We have to leave the Playa and go back to our lives,” he sighed wistfully. 
“What a week it’s been!” she sighed too.  
“Indeed.  I think I have sand in every single square inch of my body, all my clothes, and my gear and…”  he trailed off, staring at the dunes the storm had tossed up overnight. 
“Yes.  Well worth it.  To see the incredible art. Especially the Temple.  And share the delicious food. And meet so many cool people!” She gushed. 
“Oh yes,” he agreed. “I wonder if we’ll see any of them again?” 
“We’d better go back… time to get packing so we can make our departure window.” 
“Yes… we have to be sure we leave no trace.” 
“That couple you brought back to the tent last night… that will be my most memorable moment!” She stared at him.   
“Ha!  Yes… I took a chance. Thank you for rolling with it.” 
“I got the better part of that deal.  The guy was gorgeous!”  
“The woman had hidden talents.”   
“Oh really?” 
“Yes…. there was this thing with her tongue…” he whispered as he touched his lips. 
“Hmm… the guy had very talented hands,” she replied.  “Did make me appreciate you though.”
“Oh?  Well.. that’s an added bonus!” he said, surprised. 
“Yes… nice to wander but glad to get back to you,” she explained, squeezing his hand. 

3 thoughts on “FFF Tomorrow

  1. Advizor54 says:

    BUrning Man!!! Yes, I almost went there but didn’t so I’m glad you did. From the stories I’ve heard it’s a great please to be naked.

    A wonderful little hint at so much more happening. Excellent

  2. Sillyone says:

    Burnign man is in my neck of the woods, but only my sisters have gone. They always come back with the best stories, too! Great take!

  3. JD Stones says:

    Not aware of Burning Man but public nudity sounds cool! 😉

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