FFF Four Men

Welcome to another fantastic Flash Fiction Friday!  Tom has found another challenging photo and prompted us to write about it.  Click over to his blog, Three Spelling Mistakes, to see what he and other bloggers came up with.  My take is below.  There’s the prompt: 
Word Count: Minimum 200, Maximum 400
Bonus Words: +100 if you can explain why she’s wet… and wearing heels.
Required Word: Found
Forbidden Word: Lost

Extra Credit: How many men are in this picture?
I love Friday mornings!  I don’t have to go to the office.  I take the dogs for a run on the beach, wave at the neighbors, then have a leisurely shower in my outdoor water room with the sun beating down on my wet skin.
My shower shoes and towel were nowhere to be found, but my silly red sky-high pumps were by the back door where I’d dropped them yesterday so I toddled into the house naked except for my bright red shoes.  I opened the windows to let in the breeze, and heard the roar of the lawn mower from next door.  
Oooh goodie!.  The lawn care team was here.  I dashed to the front steps to watch as Bobby cut the box hedge with his shirt off.  That man has a beautiful back and the best butt in four counties!  His brother Richie was on the side of the house.  People think they’re twins because they have the same birthday and look so much alike, but one night in a local bar Richie was on his fourth beer, put his hand on my knee and told me he was exactly one year older.  He made me promise not to tell.  Their dad Paul was riding the mover back and forth, keeping an eye on them so they didn’t sneak off to the beach and leave the grounds to grow wild.  Nothing like a yard full of handsome men to ogle! 
Sometimes I go back around to my back yard and lie on a chaise to dry in the sun, sipping a hazelnut iced coffee and daydreaming about the three men appearing at the fence.  Something about them watching, nudging each other, bulges growing in their work pants… mmm… and then I call one of them over to play.  He crawls onto the chaise with me and we have our fun while the others jerk off in the background.  And sometime I call the other two over and give them all a good time with my mouth and my hands and my body… being worshipped by each of them in a different hole!  Oh my!  
There was an added bonus today!  Greg, the next door neighbor, was coming in from the farmers market with a grocery bag full of corn on the cob.  They must be having a barbecue later.  Maybe I could get myself invited over.  He grills the most amazing seafood!  
I was just thinking it was a good thing none of them ever look my way when Greg glanced up.  He waved and then stared.  I waved back.  I’d been found out!  He dropped the sack.  He knelt down to gather up the wayward ears, but never took his eyes off me.  At this distance, I couldn’t tell if he was focused on my chest or top of my legs, but I could see his smile.  I enjoyed his appreciative attention.  I headed to the back yard to add a fourth man to my fantasies!  

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  1. JD Stones says:

    What a greedy girl! 😉

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