Let loose

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Good morning kid!  Thought of you – had a great Afghan dinner with a lady from my chat group, in town for a convention and sought me out!  She’s had fun with an old flame for years.  Have a great Tuesday!
11:21am Phil
Good morning!  Working hard.  Good for you.  Nothing wrong with it. We all get so hung up on social norms and so many people are simply miserable.  I see people plodding through life; they quit enjoying each other, quit laughing together years ago.  All that’s left is familiarity and memories.  Make new ones, have a little fun, let loose.  Enjoy girl!

[Sometime during this day while the Supreme Court was hearing arguments about CA’s Prop 8 regarding Equal Marriage, and everyone on Facebook was switching their profile pic to the Human Rights Commission’s logo, Philip did it as well!  I was so proud of him!]

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