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IM Feb 1, 2013
11:09 PM SmoothGuy: Quick hi, about to go to bed
11:10 PM SmoothGuy: Just wanted to remind you that I do want to meet when we can!
11:10 PM Sassy: Hiya!
11:10 PM Sassy: Mwah!
11:11 PM SmoothGuy: Yep, wife coming to bed soon!
11:11 PM Sassy: Whee!
11:11 PM SmoothGuy: But wish we were together 
11:12 PM Sassy: Yum
11:12 PM Sassy: Sleep well, dear man.
11:12 PM Sassy: Dream of a buxom vixen…
11:13 PM SmoothGuy: Still up now, my vixen!
11:14 PM Sassy: Your brain or other parts?
11:14 PM SmoothGuy: Thinking about your nice breasts, among other things 
11:14 PM Sassy: Gonna put your hands on them?
11:15 PM SmoothGuy: Was thinking about my mouth!
11:15 PM Sassy: Mmmm…
11:15 PM Sassy: bite a bit?
11:16 PM Sassy: They are more than a mouthful!
11:16 PM SmoothGuy: And your nipples… Which I imagine are quite nice
11:16 PM SmoothGuy: Maybe nibble
11:17 PM SmoothGuy: Can just imagine my tongue sliding over them
11:17 PM SmoothGuy: Nice long licks
11:17 PM SmoothGuy: And longer sucks
11:19 PM SmoothGuy: Can’t meet until weekend of the 15th. Know it’s a way out, but might it work?
11:19 PM Sassy: Yes
11:20 PM SmoothGuy: Would like to do, if we like each other in person, like we do online
11:20 PM Sassy: oh?
11:21 PM SmoothGuy: That’s great! Saturday or Sunday better?
11:21 PM SmoothGuy: Oh? Means what, exactly? A bit lost 
11:22 PM Sassy: Saturday better but earlier Sunday is fine.
11:22 PM Sassy: Just wondered what you want to do, like we do online…
11:23 PM Sassy: Oh! I get it now…. sexy stuff. 
11:23 PM Sassy: Yeah… if we get past the if’s… sounds delightful.
11:23 PM SmoothGuy: Early Sunday might be best for me, but need to get closer to the day
11:24 PM SmoothGuy: Yes, sexy stuff! But in a slow way and no pressure.
11:25 PM SmoothGuy: Though, can’t wait to kiss you!
11:28 PM Sassy: Fun to think about?
11:29 PM SmoothGuy: Yes, fun for sure. I’m optimistic that we will be good together.
11:30 PM Sassy: Remember that the usual rules don’t apply
11:30 PM Sassy: I’m not going to bear your children or be seen with you or meet your family!
11:35 PM SmoothGuy: May have to just sign off at anytime. Wanted to warn you.
11:35 PM SmoothGuy: The main rule is that we enjoy each other
11:36 PM SmoothGuy: And have fun playing
11:36 PM SmoothGuy: Gtg
11:36 PM Sassy: Yes
11:36 PM Sassy: nite!
11:37 PM SmoothGuy: Wait I’m back! For now.
11:37 PM SmoothGuy: Nice adrenaline rush though 
11:37 PM SmoothGuy: Gtg again
11:38 PM Sassy: Are you living dangerously?
IM Feb 02, 2013
8:01 AM SmoothGuy: No. That’s why I got off fast. Gives myself a cushion. Plus on an iPod not a pc. Have a nice weekend; I’ll be out of town visiting family.

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