Dick in Slit

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Good morning, kid! I’ve got a big smile on my face! Have a super Wednesday
12:08pm Phil
Why the big smile? Enjoy the day!
[photo of him outside, in a suit & tie]
You are so handsome!  Thank you for letting me see!!  I am smiling thinking about your dick in my slit!  Hope your meetings are going well and you get to have some fun!
9:41pm Phil
A happy boy!
[photo of him in a hoodie, in a bar, holding a margarita]
My dick in your wet slit sounds delightful!
Cheers!  It would feel delightful…
Long day?
10:39pm  Phil
Nope! Good day!
Yay! Enjoying time to yourself?
11:00pm Phil
I am!

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