A cigar

Sunday, January 6, 2013
12:30pm Phil
Wow! Tough to leave today. Had breakfast, stopped at a great bar on the beach for a beer.
Hiya kid.  I hear ya.  I was a total mess the last time you left that hotel room.  I was up until 3:30 am text-fucking a 32 yr old military guy on overnight watch in Hawaii.  Yum.

I’ve been very productive today – cleaning, watering  plants, laundry, sending naughty photos to silly men…. Told you I’m a hussy!  Safe travels sweets.

12:45pm Phil
LOL. Military boy is going to get in trouble doing that.
Productive is good, mix a little fun in too!
No texting?  It kept him awake!  He’s 16 years in… knows what’s what?

Focus on seeing her again… planning, anticipating always helped me.
2:44pm Phil
Texting is fine! It’s whatever else he was doing with his hand! I’m sure he knows what he can do. Glad you had fun!
Can you look at a photo and tell me a brand name for the cigar?
Here’s the photo… duh.

A blogger pal posts a photo every week and challenges people to put a story to it.  So naming the cigar would be a nice touch…
2:50pm Phil
Pillow fight! No way to name the cigar without the band
What would be a safe answer?  something expensive…
3:23pm Phil
Monte Cristo
Cuban and expensive
Thanks!  You’re the best!
3:33pm Phil
You make it to your next destination?  Having a good evening?
7:59pm Phil
Was Monte Christo ok?
Sure… just needed to put something… I used that and Lagavulin 16 for the drink. 
8:01pm Phil
Very good! Can’t go wrong with either.
So nice to have an expert I can call on.

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