SmoothGuy Redux

Friday, January 4, 2013 
Sooo… here’s a perfect example of the maxim that men often reappear, even after a “final farewell.”  One week after opting out of the affair business – look who reappeared on Yahoo IM:
Jan 04 7:53 PM SmoothGuy: Hi there?
Jan 04 8:08 PM Sassy: Hiya
Jan 04 8:10 PM Sassy: what’s up fella?
Jan 04 8:12 PM SmoothGuy: Hi home alone. Still lonely for romance
Jan 04 8:13 PM SmoothGuy: How you’ve been?
Jan 04 8:16 PM Sassy: rolling along. Huge bump in new guys on AM this week…
Jan 04 8:16 PM Sassy: but I am feeling rather done.
Jan 04 8:16 PM Sassy: I got stood up last week. That was harsh.
Jan 04 8:18 PM SmoothGuy: That sucks you got stood up, happened to me a few times
Jan 04 8:18 PM Sassy: Really?
Jan 04 8:18 PM Sassy: I would NEVER do that.
Jan 04 8:19 PM Sassy: Did you ever hear why?
Jan 04 8:19 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks. Me neither. I have cancelled, but at least sent a note well ahead of time
Jan 04 8:20 PM SmoothGuy: Never heard. Figured they changed their mind
Jan 04 8:20 PM Sassy: Yes… that’s happened to me. It is sad but not like sitting alone in a bar for 40 minutes wondering…
Jan 04 8:20 PM Sassy: Ah well… I picked up take-out from Oiive Garden, got my sausage for lunch another way
Jan 04 8:21 PM SmoothGuy: Or waiting outside a restaurant
Jan 04 8:21 PM SmoothGuy: Funny 
Jan 04 8:21 PM SmoothGuy: I want a lunch date now 
Jan 04 8:22 PM Sassy: oh?
Jan 04 8:23 PM SmoothGuy: Sausage or not, lunch would be fun. Just not sure when
Jan 04 8:23 PM Sassy: with me?
Jan 04 8:27 PM SmoothGuy: Yes with you. But, to be fully open, just not sure how my wishy washyness would play out. Would want to play things by ear
Jan 04 8:27 PM Sassy: That’s very honest.
Jan 04 8:28 PM SmoothGuy: Don’t want to build, pull back, then cause hurt
Jan 04 8:28 PM Sassy: Noble
Jan 04 8:28 PM SmoothGuy: Build expectations
Jan 04 8:29 PM Sassy: I think if you’re honest, it can work
Jan 04 8:29 PM SmoothGuy: Not noble. But honest
Jan 04 8:30 PM Sassy: It is noble. I’ve been dealing with guilt kings who don’t let on until after they sleep with me… SUCKS
Jan 04 8:30 PM Sassy: So I am left to wonder if it’s b.s. and they didn’t like me or if they are really that un-selfaware
Jan 04 8:30 PM SmoothGuy: Agree that sucks
Jan 04 8:31 PM Sassy: Sorry to let loose… just explaining…
Jan 04 8:31 PM Sassy: but I am used to lots of nothing, so something sometimes maybe seems worth checking out?
Jan 04 8:31 PM SmoothGuy: No need to be sorry. If you can’t vent here where can you?
Jan 04 8:32 PM Sassy: I try not to be venty… try to be fun!
Jan 04 8:32 PM Sassy: And sexy. 
Jan 04 8:32 PM SmoothGuy: Think it’s worth checking out
Jan 04 8:32 PM Sassy: Just promise to write one email after okay?
Jan 04 8:32 PM SmoothGuy: And you are fun!!
Jan 04 8:33 PM Sassy: Even if its “yeah, no. Best of luck.”
Jan 04 8:33 PM Sassy: Awww… thanks!
Jan 04 8:33 PM Sassy: You inspire me.
Jan 04 8:33 PM SmoothGuy: I promise not to treat you like shit
Jan 04 8:34 PM SmoothGuy: And treat you well
Jan 04 8:34 PM Sassy: I don’t ask for much, but total silence… argh!
Jan 04 8:34 PM Sassy: Sorry… you’re co-cheaters have been making me gunshy
Jan 04 8:34 PM Sassy: You have been very good.
Jan 04 8:35 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks, just being myself
Jan 04 8:35 PM Sassy: Me, too.
Jan 04 8:35 PM Sassy: I don’t do drama!
Jan 04 8:36 PM SmoothGuy: Always treat people well, especially if you “do the nasty” with them
Jan 04 8:36 PM Sassy: Yeah… my pals say, “Lie to your spouse, not your affair partner!”
Jan 04 8:37 PM SmoothGuy: Good to be honest, in some ways!
Jan 04 8:38 PM Sassy: So what made you washy last week and wishy now?
Jan 04 8:39 PM SmoothGuy: One other thing. I would only be available, once every few weeks, but with occasionlly more concentrated time. So, at best it would off and on. Is that something that works for you ?
Jan 04 8:40 PM Sassy: Yes
Jan 04 8:40 PM Sassy: It sounds perfect
Jan 04 8:41 PM SmoothGuy: Washy wishy comes from my ambivalence followed by my more biological and romantic needs
Jan 04 8:41 PM Sassy: ah… weighing the risk vs. the benefit?
Jan 04 8:41 PM SmoothGuy: That’s great, perfect for me too
Jan 04 8:42 PM SmoothGuy: Some of that. Also guilt Vs benefit
Jan 04 8:43 PM Sassy: where you raised Catholic?
Jan 04 8:43 PM SmoothGuy: But I hope you can give and receive great benefits 
Jan 04 8:43 PM SmoothGuy: Not at all. More about the marriage vow thing
Jan 04 8:44 PM Sassy: Does your wife fulfill her side of the vows?
Jan 04 8:44 PM Sassy: That’s the question someone asked me that set me free
Jan 04 8:45 PM SmoothGuy: Not the romance part of the vows, but the rest
Jan 04 8:45 PM SmoothGuy: Got to go now, will check back over the weekend. Great chatting!
Jan 04 8:45 PM Sassy: Mwah!

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