Filthy vs Spotless

Friday, January 4, 2013
7:14am Phil
Already made it further south. 
Some work this morning.  Overall a pretty relaxing day. 
Hope your Friday is good!
7:53am Phil
Nice to be here. This feels like home. D.C. was good.

Fred is a sweet sexy woman but too many issues. Not for me. House was filthy, except for her two rooms. Bothers me, small town house, I’d have it spotless, just takes some effort. It would certainly be spotless if I had someone coming over. It’s an issue for me.

The Beach Gal’s place is spotless, obvious effort to make it perfect and I appreciated it. I think I knew how that would go. Got what I expected and hoped for.

Wait…you went to Fred’s place?  Hmmm… Glad to hear the decision was easy. Hope you have a grand time!  I’m off to work!
8:33 am CALL
[We talked for 20 minutes about his visit with Fred and how that not going to work because her place is filthy and she lies about little things]
8:57am Phil
Have a great day!
Thanks again for calling!  Hearing your voice and your good news is making me smile!
11:09am Phil
Was nice talking to you too! Always makes me smile!
I shouldn’t say while you’re with your lady, but it also made me very wet.  I was just out of the shower and indulged in a fantasy of what we’d do if you were there… Yum!

1:39pm Phil

LOL!  Nothing wrong with that!
5:26 pm

Mapa tofu, lions head meatball, cheese rolls, yu shiang pork w/ Chinese bread 
@ Shanghai Gate, Allston
11:10pm Phil
Enjoying the evening
[photo of him in a restaurant booth with The Beach Gal sitting beside him]
Yay!  What a cute couple you make!  You both look so happy!

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