Out with the old

Monday, December 31, 2012
Good morning kid!  Hope your last day of 2012 goes smoothly!
I’m off to Framingham for lunch with a MAN!  Think good thoughts for me at noon thirty!  I am finally going to meet the first guy I talked to on AM.  Bring on #1!  
11:51am Phil
Have fun!  Here’s a man
[photo of his smiling face and naked shoulders in his bedroom]
Enjoy lunch
You look good enough to eat!  He’s late…
12:42pm Phil
[photo of his shoulders and back in his bathroom with jeans on]
Something to distract you
Thanks.  I think I’m being stood up.
12:46pm Phil
Awwwww, that’s bullshit. Just chickenshit!
How long do I wait? Grrrr
12:51pm Phil
Half hour. Should have called, jack ass
Doesn’t have my #.  But could’ve emailed…sigh
Thanks for being out there…this so sucks!
12:56pm Phil
I’m so sorry! Guy’s a low life, not worth seeing. His Momma failed miserably. Hope I provided a little levity and distraction. Say what you mean, mean what you say, no bullshit
Giving up. Bleh.
How’s your day going?
1:34pm Phil
Sorry Sass. 
Good, had amazing video sex, got a workout in, now prepping for this evening.
Glad one of us got off!  
Thanks again, Philip.  
Ordering take-out from Olive Garden!  At least I get some sausage!
1:38pm Phil
I’m relaxed as can be. 
LOL! Enjoy. 
Just discovered face time program. WOW! What fun!
Nice!  The Beach Gal?
2:03pm Phil
Of course!
Got my lunch, headed home.  Hugs with ear nibbles!
2:06pm Phil
Enjoy! Finished shopping, cooking now and some cleaning!
Partying tonight?
2:06pm Phil
My girl just makes me smile and laugh and umm other things.
2:07pm Phil
Yeah, friends coming over, a couple neighbors, good food, plenty to drink.
Gotta drive, more in a bit
2:08pm Phil
We got a keg, big fire pit, lots of food, cigars
Drive careful
Mmmm… nothing like sausage soup!
Volt just blew me off.  More B.S.  Wow… blown off by two men in one day. 
I am so done with all this.  Happy New Year!
6:01pm Phil
Huh?  Happy New Year babe!
Find a strong alcoholic beverage and chill!
Ha ha… wish that worked… but thanks for the thought.  
Can’t seem to stop crying.  Ugh.  maybe that will help…
6:49pm Phil
Ohh baby, stop, you just got a jackass. 
Not worth your tears
END OF 2012

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