Horn Dog

Saturday, December 15, 2012
8:41am Phil
Hope your evening got better.  What a horrendous thing. You seem to just give and give.  You have a sweet soul. I’m in the office early to get some admin done, get a good workout knocked out, sip some coffee, enjoy me time. Christmas party tonight.  I love it, so much fun. I have not been in the Christmas spirit.  First time ever that I can think of.  Maybe tonight.  Gotta go work out. Bike, elliptical, boxes, stairs and killer abs today! Love you!
Oops!  I missed the time to say “Good morning!” so I’ll switch to “Good afternoon!’  Doesn’t seem the same, but it is filled with Good!  Hope your admin rolled and you have worked every muscle! You military folk sure know a good excuse for a party… ha ha ha.  Enjoy!
12:48pm Phil
It is an excuse to drink.  You got it right! It’s nice to smile a bit.  Talked to my Mom this morning.  She told me I should dump my wife and go get The Beach Gal. Said if she makes you happy, go for it, the  wife has never made you happy.  Gotta love Moms.
My night got better… I stayed up wicked late (2 am!) in the chat room.  A guy has pined for a woman for 10 years and she is divorcing and he thought they’d be together but she is not ready and it’s tough.  So I listened and made suggestions and he felt better.  He’s a regular who helps others, very smart and funny, but never shared his own troubles.  He was tipsy, so I got him talking.  Chat is so cool in offering people who have no one to talk to a safe place to talk.  And it makes me feel useful!
12:56pm Phil
Well that’s very cool. Takes a talent to get people to open up like that. And it’s always a good feeling to help someone out
Yay Mom!  I’m so glad you’re reaching out to her.  Wow… who’d have thought the day would  come.  So you can put “would make my mother happier” to list of pros on your list.  Hee hee.
12:56pm Phil
Ha ha, yeah
She is not a fan of my wife’s – never has been.  Always thought my wife kept me around because I earn well, don’t require much out of her as far as romance or anything physical. My wife gets to be the Officer’s wife and do all the fancy shit etc.  I think in her own way she loves me.  She thinks I have no sex drive or just don’t care for it.  How can you be that clueless?  I’m a horn dog!
You’re a horn dog?  Really?
1:00pm Phil
I just don’t want to do it with her and I have always had a moral issue with doing it with anyone else
I’m getting over that though.
You would never know, I know
Had you naked before the door closed
It’s bad when you give in just to get someone to shut up and then roll over disgusted with yourself and grateful to be left alone for awhile again. Been like that for as long as I can remember
It’s good when you find out there are women who are not like her.
1:06pm Phil
Yeah it is.  Sweet, attentive, sexy women who love romance and just being with you. It is a very good thing.
And you found two!  God loves you, in a wacky way!
1:07pm Phil
That’s pretty cool! I have no idea why God watches over me but I’m glad.
Hey, kid.  Looking good in the santa hat!  Hope you had fun.  Sweet dreams, dear man.
1:01am Phil
I did. Shared it with my baby. Was such a fun night. Great friends, great food .
Sweet dreams babe.
day is mine!  Bwah ha ha.

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