Fountain of youth

Friday, December 14, 2012
8:12am Phil
Please understand that you are one of the most special people in my life.  I am no player. I would never sleep with anyone I was not passionate about. We live different lives but I have always loved you.  As you helped me work through all of this I understood again why.  I’m sorry I hurt you.  I never ever wanted to do that. This thing with The Beach Gal has been such a wind blown thing. I’m so sorry I dumped all of that on you. I so appreciate that you took it in and helped more than you know. The girl just has such a grip on my heart.  We have had such fun. I told you I sent her a journal of my thoughts. I’d write a bit in the evening and in the morning and as events transpired.  I got a long text last night from The Beach Gal.  All the wrong reasons, good intentions.  Her guy is a close friend but not much more. She fell into my wife’s trap.  Saw the pictures, read how my wife is never happier than when the four of us are together.  She felt like a home wrecker. Why she was all over the place. I noticed that there were no photos posted, nothing about a new guy, wondered why.
Enjoy your day Sass. I am still a conflicted bundle of emotion.  Feelings all over the place.
Hiya kid.  No work for me today!  Except doing the payroll @ home.  I get to see the endocrinologist and the dentist!  Whee!
8:22am Phil
Oh that sounds like a joyous day. The payroll actually sounds like the best part. (yuck!)
The best part is messages from you!  Interesting update from The Beach Gal.  I wonder if you say you are leaving, whether or not she takes you in, would absolve her and let her take you in good  conscience.
Thank you for your sweet words…and your apology.  But don’t feel sorry for dumping on me…you know I adore helping you and knowing what is going on, and so want to see you happier!  I am in a unique spot to help.  And I know how it is – you are a good guy doing your best to work through a very tricky situation.  I look at each step and it makes sense.  You are one of the few men I know where I can say that!
I do not understand how she can not understand that #1 thing you need is to get away from my wife, how she would choose your wife’s happiness over yours if she loves you.  She has to see you are keeping up appearances as married men have to, esp. in the military….
Keep taking deep breathes, kid.  I swear better days are coming.
8:46am Phil
I look ok for 55 don’t I? 
[photo of him in his bathroom wearing shorts]
She was not choosing my wife’s happiness.  She could care less about my wife.  It’s the kids. She thought she was doing the right thing for my kids.
She gets the appearance thing but my wife plays her game and posts pictures she knows will hurt The Beach Gal.  I have to pose for those pictures and she uses them. She knows The Beach Gal is still in the picture.  Those two can feel and smell each other.
Do I look like an old guy Sass?
No man titties, belly is fairly flat, hair is a little gray,
It’s ok!  You can tell me.  I’ll work harder.
I’m trying
Believe me when I say I’ve been looking at hundreds of men’s photos and you outshine them all!  You know you make me wet.
You can be even better to your kids if you are happy, give them a loving, fun woman to be around, and if their mom is happier.
9:02am Phil
I know.  It took me a long time to understand that.
And thank you for the compliment.  I don’t think I’m all that but I try to look decent, I have good hygiene, take care of myself.  Always want to look good for my girl. Want her to be proud to be seen with me.
9:14am Phil
Hundreds of guys?  Holy shit! I’m glad I measure up at least. I have a young outlook on things which helps.  I’ve simply never really grown up.
9:21am Phil
Thank you.  You are too nice but thank you.
I am not exaggerating.  I am seeing mostly bald, paunchy, ugly men’s photos.  And these are their “best photo of me I’m posting to get women.”
9:24am Phil
Ewwwww, so I’m not so bad?
I’m not going to be bald or paunchy and if I’m not ugly yet, I may escape that one too. I’m going to be one of those old guys with the constant tan up on a surf board
Look around you at the guys on podium.  You are better looking, look at least 10 yrs younger.
12:16pm Phil
Why thank you.  Thank you very much baby.
You and your pal look like you’re sipping from the fountain of youth!  Must be all that scotch!
12:56pm Phil
He has youthful outlook as well. He is younger. Just turning fifty
We just believe it’s ok to have a good time, like people
6:11pm Phil
Have a great Friday night babe!
Thanks, kid.  Trying to console pals upset about school shooting in CT
6:18pm Phil
Oh lord, I know. What a tragedy!  Keep consoling, they need it.

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