Papa St. Nick

Sunday, December 9, 2012
10:01am Phil
Sorry if I was inappropriate last night. My options, head and heart are hopelessly fucked up. Riding the bike listening to Rod Stewart, tears streaming, singing along. Hope your day is good
Hiya, kid.  Just waking up.  Slept really well due to a late night talk with an old friend.   Mmmm…inappropriate?  Oh yeah.  That’s part of the FUN!
Damn, my mouth was filthy. Blushing now looking at that!  Ah, well…stuff after midnight is off the record!  I am back to my demure shy helpful self.
10:29am Phil
No cunt this morning? 🙂 
You’re never gonna let me forget that, hunh?
10:33am Phil
Not gonna happen
Man, the stuff you inspire.
12:37pm Phil
Thinking of you 
Yum.  Awww… thanks, babe!
Say something about football now?
5:37pm Phil
Did not see the game. Did see other stuff.  Just seems trivial at this point
I recorded it. May watch later
6:48pm Phil
How is your day?
Very quiet. Been sitting at my desk, prepping for another project.  I’ve also been getting into trouble on the internet, watching porn, catching up with emails to pals. Just ordered Afghan food delivered from a new place – we’ll see if it’s any good.
10:03pm Phil
How was dinner? Hope you had a relaxing afternoon. My team won 
The entrees were great – lamb. The rest… eh. You rock the party?
10:08pm Phil
Very quiet. Not in a party mood. It was nice though. I like lamb. Not much in the way of chow again but better
Did you have to dress up?
10:16pm Phil
Sweater and slacks
Papa St. Nick from Beausoleil… rocks!
10:34pm Phil
 I like it!
Can’t sit still with that on…
10:44pm Phil
Catchy. Love that style, so much fun
I am dancing around the living room in my undies again!
10:46pm Phil
 LOL. Good for you
Heading to bed. Sending you good vibes. Sleep well, sweet man.
11:27pm Phil
Lying awake, head full of memories. Sleep well Sass

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