FFF Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Hanukkah!  I’ve had a wonderful day full of friends, family, fantastic food and a nap!  Now it’s time for Flash Fiction Friday!  Pop over to Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other amazing writers saw in this moving photo!  My take is below.  Here’s this week’s prompt:

Key Words:  Family, gravy boat, butter knife
Word Limit:  1621 seems like too many, so 261.1
Forbidden words:  cock, caught, eat, feast, satiated
Extra Credit:  Let’s keep it within the (extended) family

Bonus Words: Donate 5 cans of food to your local food bank.
We were at my sister’s place today – 17 of us around her dining room table – friends, family and “orphans.”  We had a delicious meal of traditional Thanksgiving favorites, new recipes my sister likes to try, and Hanukkah delights from the friends who were celebrating the confluence of holidays.  
Here’s the menu: 
Slices of meat from a 27-pound turkey (I like white meat) that I sliced!  
Sausage apricot cornbread dressing and sage bread stuffing
Pan gravy
Bake brussel sprouts with avocado and walnuts 
Pear walnut spinach salad
Parker House rolls
Green beans with almonds
Minced beets salad,
Two kinds of cranberry sauce (one with sugar, one with fruit juices for sweetening)
 Quinoa with zucchini and cranberries
 and latkes with applesauce and sour cream!
The grown-ups drank wine.  I joined my niece in imbibing apple sparkling juice.  
After a while, dessert appeared with coffee and teas  – pecan, apple and pumpkin pie!  And a piece of chocolate rugelah, another addition from Jewish tradition.  
My niece gets bored with all the grown-ups gabbing, so she crawls underneath.  She is quiet, reading a book or drawing a beautiful picture.   I dropped the butter knife and dove down to discover her in the midst of making a Thanksgiving card!  
I crawled under and sat with her.  She put her finger to her slips to silence me, then pointed at my husband’s crotch.  She grinned impishly as I watched one of Hubby’s lady friends massage his burgeoning manhood.  
Somehow when I got back up into my seat, I managed to spill the gravy boat into Hubby’s lap!  Oops! 

2 thoughts on “FFF Thanksgiving

  1. How fun, and interesting, and I love your take, so very playful. It felt so real

  2. Simplicity says:

    Lol…such a fun story! Oops indeed.

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