Hot memories

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Good morning! Lunch date w/ a Professor. Pray! Hope your Thursday is great!
7:52am Phil
Oh wow! You go girl! I will certainly pray for you and wish you luck as well. I could use a little good news. Been so down of late, can’t shake it. There are truly good men out there. They are not all selfish creeps. You deserve a good one Sass!

I need to finish up this military thing and find out who I am again. I think I’ve kind of lost that. You have to put a mask on to do this job and I’ve worn the mask too long. Stuck in the same routine. Very happy professionally, but so sad personally. Work 14 hours, go home, grab a bite, have a drink, sit alone on the couch and pretend to watch TV. My mind whirling with memories and thoughts and lost opportunities. I wish for much more for you. Hope lunch is fantastic!

12:39pm Phil
Hope lunch was good!

Awww….thanks! The gumbo was yummy and he made me laugh – no clue if there will be more, but it was fun and he paid. Please try not to be sad… remember I am here to help. Better days are coming for us both!

3:24pm Phil
I’m glad it was nice. I love gumbo! The fact that he made you laugh is wonderful as well. Sad for reasons that continue but I am working on it. Pretty bad when people start to notice. I’ll be ok. Thanks for the encouragement!
5:12pm Phil
Someday I will tell you this sordid little tale. I believe I have learned a lesson though. Hurt me. This has been a long journey that I thought would end happily and instead ended in disappointment and tears. I should know better. Guess we all have our problems and issues.

Are you talking Beach Gal? I’ve wondered. I am so sorry you’re hurt! You can share… think of me rubbing your feet and let it out whenever you want. Take a walk and call if you don’t want to type. This is what old friends are for. Not just p0rn!

5:44pm Phil
Yeah, it’s Beach Girl. Girl was so different from anyone else – emotional, fun, I was completely smitten. We clicked. Was one of those things where my brain has always said bad idea but my heart pulled me in the opposite direction. We have not spent any time together in a long time. She drinks too much and when she does, she makes bad decisions, gets nasty, and gets very flirty. I should have walked away from this long ago but just could not do so.

She picked some guy up in a bar several months ago. Moved him in for a month till she figured out he was a shit bag. About broke my heart. Then called back crying and I fell right back into it again. She got hammered one night and called me to tell me about the great sex. Did not realize she did it the next day.

Also got drunk and told me she tried to get it on with one of my best friends. They both said they just got together for beers one night but they ended up drinking tequila at her place and she tried to get it on, he was too drunk to perform. He is no longer my best buddy.

She is running around with another guy now that I just found out about. I’m done. I did not deserve all that and there was much more. Men can be such stupid creatures. Sweetest thing in the world during the day. Add alcohol and at a certain point, look out. Just took me a very long time to realize and fully understand. One second laughing, next second crying or ripping into me. Like my Dad used to flame on at the drop of a hat and for no apparent reason.

The heart is a funny thing. I kept going back for more with him too. Always had this dream of a little beach house with palms and hammock, couple Adirondack chairs in the sand. Watching the sun rise or set, long walks on the beach, good seafood, friends over for music, darts, drinks. Dancing under the stars.

I’d like to be sitting at some little seafood place enjoying some chowder and the foot rub would be most welcome. I’m sorry, you did not need to hear all that and I did not intend to burden you with it. Just came out.

Hey, kid, Thanks for explaining. I like to know what’s up… it’s not a burden! You’ve certainly listened to my crap. I’m so sorry she is not the person you thought. You deserve better. Can you consider yourself lucky to have found out now? Which buddy was it? Does he know you know?

I hope writing it out helped. I wish there was more I could do… can you get to see me again? For now, go back in your mind and feel the warm September sunset, taste the chowder. Go way back to the camp fire. Listen to good tunes.

Soon you’ll pick yourself up and head off in a new direction. You are a kind, fun, handsome, capable man and you’ll find a stable, sexy woman who appreciates that and makes you crazy in the best possible way! I want it to be me, but I understand if I’m not the girl of your dreams. I just want you to be happy. I will always be here to listen, rub your feet and any other body part. 😉

6:39pm Phil 

Did you see my football tree?

It’s hideous! 🙂
6:44pm Phil
It was [pal’s name redacted] she fooled around with.  I love the guy but he thinks with his dick when he drinks.

I think back to camp and you often. Think about DC too and Boston. Good times.

Oh my… so sorry.

Yeah… we did manage to have fun and make memories, didn’t we? The first time you touched me in DC was the hottest moment of my life.

6:48pm Phil
Yanked your britches down and buried my tongue inside you I believe and then buried my cock inside you. Welcum to DC 🙂

You took very good care of me…

6:52pm Phil
We also had wonderful dinners. Was fun. Loved the Greek and Thai places

I remember picking you up, memories flooding back. We picked up right away.

Loved Boston. Amazing dinner , amazing night


I adored listening to your stories…

7:07pm Phil
Got a million of them 🙂

Lifting weights now. Soothes my soul. Works my body and calms me. Something about lifting heavy shit

Just don’t show my chest to your spotting guy this time!

7:11pm Phil
Ha ha! That’s was funny as hell! No spotter tonight, just me. It was hot too 😉

I may not have it all but my chest is stellar.

7:15pm Phil
You do have amazing tits 🙂


I have my hand there right now… pretending it is yours.
7:18pm Phil
Mmmmmm, I like that

Tweaking, twisting…

Damn… the things talking to you makes me do!

7:44pm Phil
Ha ha! Love it!

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