Jerked off in a crowd

Sunday, November 25, 2012
10:08am Phil 
Always been a fantasy. Jerked off in a crowd. Yum

Such wonderful festival photos! You look so great! I thought nutcrackers made men nervous…

10:27am Phil 
Nahhh, only the female ones 🙂
Har har.

10:32am Phil 

I quack myself up 🙂


And me! I’m having a good day so far… foot only hurting a little, so cleaning, watering plants, even stuck my nose outside in the cold on the balcony for 3 seconds! Gonna give Hubby the grocery list!
It’s good to be alive!

2:56pm Phil
That’s a good thing. Out tasting wine. 🙂
Hope you found some new good wines and had a grand time.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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