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Saturday, November 17, 2012

7:47am Phil
You doing OK Sass?  Gotta say I have had the worst consecutive two weeks I can ever remember.  Just run down and out of gas. Fighting for your reputation is such bullshit. Makes me want to go work in a bar.  I seriously don’t ever want to be in charge of anything other than my TV again.

I hope you have a relaxing Saturday.  Free your mind girl.

You’re writing exactly what I think.  Freaky.  Just when I feel so down, there you are to help.  Wow.
I too can’t recall such crap.  I’m getting it from 3 directions – health, icky selfish men, and work.

Weighing staying to fight vs focusing on job search.  Both gross.  ugh.

Trying three things – praying, counting my blessings and doing things for others.  Something has to get better soon, right?

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