Election port-mortem

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Good morning! Nor’easter coming, 2 Dr appts and I’m still smiling. Hope you can too!
8:20am Phil
I serve so we can have a democratic process. The President is my Commander in Chief and I support him. No more excuses about any mess left to him by his predecessor. He now has to do something about the economy, the deficit, unemployment, gas, immigration, our failing relationship with Israel, our rapidly dwindling military, our international image. He needs to stop sending his family on ridiculous vacations at taxpayer expense while so many are struggling to hold onto their homes, jobs and futures. I was not a Romney supporter, he may actually have been much worse but I have great concern for the strength of our nation in the coming years. The Military is stretched to the point of breaking. If Israel hits Iran, we are not ready to support. If Korea or Taiwan erupts, we are screwed. We simply no longer have the assets or the technological advantage to get it done. It scares me. I worry for my children and their future. I think the Republican party needs to get a grip. Their uber-conservative stance on everything is their doom. I guess we will see.

Hope the Noreaster is not too bad. Enough water in that part of the country. Enjoy the day.

It’s very interesting to hear your perspective. Not one I hear from anyone else. I have to think this great country has always found a way, due to good men like you and with inclusion of women there will be even more good minds and things will get better!
10:12am Phil
The country will find a way but our leadership needs to do a better job. I voted with people who could not read the ballot, had to have someone show them where Obama was on the ballot and could not read the simple instructions. They were clearly illiterate, did not vote for anything else and were simply there to put an X next to Obama. Many came in pajamas. This city is a town full of very rich people and many who can not find work outside the restaurant and bar industry, people who can not buy a house or condo and can’t afford the rent on an apartment. Many people here, rent a room in a condo or a house. These same people don’t see a need for government change.  Many of them are poor, working minimum wage jobs. They voted for more of the same.  The fact that a conservative came that close to winning better be a wakeup call to the president and the Democratic party. This country is very divided and that’s not a good thing. Differences are fine but we have some serious issues and the president never said how he planned to fix any of that during the campaign. We will see how it goes. The country has spoken sort of and I respect that. I respect everyone’s opinion and their right to vote and choose. The election is over, it’s time to stand behind our president as a nation and move forward. My outlook on it any way.

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