Truck’s Ass Play

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2012 3:16 PM
Subject: Re: Storm stories
Hiya Stan,
You are so cute when you’re horny!  Whee!
I have a fun strap-on video.  She has three different toys she uses gently, sweetly with lots of lube!  It’s long but has some great moments.  I like hearing him.  Taught me a lot! 
Sadly, my ass play experience consists of once a long time ago where the guy tore me to shreds.  So I want to forget about it and “start over” with someone who knows what they’re doing and can help me enjoy it.  
Ah, words for my lady part.  It’s an ongoing joke that I don’t like any of them.  I looked at a site that had 2,753 words… none of which sounded right.  But I have gotten used to pussy (though it makes me giggle) and I know that cunt means… mmmm…”this guy is really revved up.”  As long as he uses it in a positive way.  
Thanks for explaining about cum slut.  It sounds like me, at least mentally.  Need more chances to carry it out!  Slut used to make me absolutely unhappy, because people used that in high school when I was confirmed virgin, and meant it in the most evil sense.  But I am learning the more subtle and positive meanings.  A blogger helpfully suggested thinking “you’re not A slut, your are MY slut” as a way to feel better about it and that helped.  Ah, vocabulary.  
I do like to be licked all over.  The combo of the physical sensations plus the mental naughty connotation make it lots of fun.  And kisses that end up at the top of my legs?  I’d be wild by the time you got there!  Anticipation….yum.
I had a quiet evening.  Without kids and living in a big building, Halloween is a non-event for us.  
Today I have on dark blue slacks, a black jersey top with buttons all up the front, and dark blue silky scarf.  Underneath is a lucky black bra and some wild tiger briefs!   And a very hot woman!  You’d have fun.  I indulged in a few minutes of thinking about you undoing, undressing and the look on your face when you see what’s underneath and can touch… mmmm… I do wish you were in town this evening!
From: Mr Truck 
Nov 1, 2012
To: Sassy
Only have a second to say thanks for the video. I was watching the video and enjoying all the fine lubed technique of the woman when all of the sudden I nearly fell out of my seat when she donned the strap on. That guy is so appreciative (and has cute little nipples just like me!) and so lucky. You are realllllllly teasing me right out of my boxers pretty lady. Are you gonna make me suck your strap on before you use it one me? It’s only right isn’t it?
Talk tomorrow sweet cakes

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