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Saturday, October 20, 2012
Saturdays are too quiet!  Only one blogger emailed me.  No Philip. No attention from the AM guys.   Bleh.  I think I’ve managed to tick most of them off.  
– Panties Man sent me an incredible photo of magenta striped undies with lace and ribbon yesterday, which I told him were spectacular.  He wanted to see mine but I just couldn’t do it.  He said it was okay but has been silent since.  You probably don’t want to see a man in ladies underwear, but there is something very hot about a man’s junk covered in ladies panties!  
– I scared The Lawyer Thursday night.  He wrote about 6:30 pm to ask if I was ready to see him again.  Duh… YES!  Been waiting since Sept. 27th?!  He asked when.  I said pick me up in an hour?  Or name a time that works for you, I’m flexible.  No response.  
– The Professor is really vanilla.  He asked me to explain why anyone would be interested in anal sex.  Why is it my job to explain that?  He must not have liked my explanation… nothing since then!  
– The Coach told me he was going to Omaha Mon-Wed on business.  and never wrote again.  *sigh
They may pop back up, but…. ugh.  I want someone who can’t wait to meet me!  Ah, well.  
So I am left with AMguy #1 who I’ll meet Monday if he doesn’t chicken out.  He admitted to being excited but nervous.  I told him there would not be a moral dilemma Monday evening because I am not going to have sex with him on the first meet.  Hope that doesn’t upset him.  But I am determined to just be me and if that’s not good enough, too bad!  I am planning to get to the restaurant ahead of him, so he can’t see me limping.  I hope I can finesse walking if we leave there together.  How am I supposed to meet men if I can’t walk?! *sigh 
I did get a new contact last night, the second from the other [defunct] site. The timing was funny – I logged on to archive The Coach, and was about to hit the logout button when it said, “You have new mail.”  Heh.  He’s not my usual type – older (56), shorter – only 5’10” and skinny and Jewish!  He wrote beautifully, mentioned baseball, plays and chocolate!  I had to write back.  He hasn’t replied but many guys don’t on weekends, so I won’t fret until Monday night.  He had that slightly discouraged tone of someone who has written to a lot of women and not gotten a response, so it was fun to write back and hope to make his day.  His profile says Bangor ME but he talked about being close by me… puzzling.  That is hours from here.

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