Better than fabric

From: Sassy
Subject: Re: today
To: Rick
Hiya, Rick, 
Hope all is well with you.  
Thanks for not just focusing on the fabric… I was wondering if you’d notice that buxom gal in the background and you did!  I know the silky thing is the special thing.  But it is nice for me to be noticed, too. 
Thanks for explaining how your mind works… helps.  I am in odd territory but trying to be honest and let it play out, you know?  Our reactions are what they are, and if they can excite the other?  Very nice!
I’ve been thinking about touching you… listening to you moan, teasing you.
I can’t leave work to see you today but am trying to think of something else.  My arm definitely needs your fingers on it again. 
From: Rick
To: Sassy 
Subject: RE: today
Hi.  Home now, and able to look at that sexy picture more closely.
Of course I noticed that lovely, sexy woman!  She is more important than the fabrics.  Yes, I have a ‘thing’ for the lingerie, but can only share that information; and my kinks; when I respect and trust the person.  I’ve thought much more about you without any sort of fabric and the things we could do together than with the fabric. Reading that tumblr you sent me really has me fantasizing a lot about you having me on my back, playing with my cock, and fingering me.  Some fantasies have you telling me to lick my finger for you, saying how you want me to lube it up so you can play.  Other fantasies have you doing other things seen on the different tumblr pages.
Also, I’ve imagined a lot of hot-dogging with you, getting you sooo excited, begging for me to enter you.  And after enough teasing, I do oblige.  I also fantasize about you on your front, me rubbing your back as my cock rubs along your ass crack.  It is really exciting to me to think about that!  About playing with your backside, sliding in your crease, playing with it as well as your pussy.  I imagine how wet and wanting you would be when I finally enter you front behind, and in that position am able to go really, really deep.
So, yes, I noticed that sexy woman first. Having read what I wrote, I hope you believe it.  

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