Wicked Wednesday

What is it about Wednesdays?!  I heard from all four of the Ashley Madison men I am talking to!  It’s amazing how much time this philandering takes!

I had shared with three of them (not Panties Man) that I was hearing from men with kinks (doms, subs, wearing women’s underwear – oh my!) that I could not deal with, probing to be sure they weren’t hiding such proclivities.  They reassured me they were not, each in their own way.  Phew.

Before I wrote this post, I had not looked at them side-by-side… as I do I realize how typical these emails are of each man, how similar and how different they are, and the range of choices I have!

Which one would you pick first?


There was email from Ashley Madison, showing me six men in my area who signed up recently.  I like looking at them… it shows their nickname, age, town and a photo if they’ve posted one.  I am horrified by the face photos… seems like indiscretion of the highest order!  Dude!  Your wife can log on and see you!  Your boss can see you!  I clicked on a couple of profiles but as usual they hadn’t written much if anything yet.

Tip for men – don’t join AM until you have a full profile ready to go!  AM will show it to women right away and you’ll miss a big chance to get some attention!  And if you put a public photo, post one without your face!

I tried to think of writing to one, but that just didn’t seem possible.  It tells them I clicked and they can write or wink me if they are okay with BBWs.


First up was The Professor:

12:32 am

Dear S.,

My fantasies are as unimaginative–and as electrifying–as can be: full-out, hours-long sex with a willing partner who has multiple orgasms.  That’s it.  No one has to play any “roles,” be “dom” or “sub” or whatever the lingo is.  I’ll settle for a woman who plays the role of “woman.”  That’s how plain-vanilla I am.


Next up – Panties Man:

6:52 am

ha!  You’re not sure what that mean???   aw, c’mon; that’s a simple dream to analyze! Was it pretty?  What were you wearing today?  

Thanks for that incredibly hot link!! 

Back to work today.  I’m having to share a cube due to space constraints.  Absolutely no privacy.

Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 19:04:16 -0700
From: Sassy
Subject: Sunday hot dogs
To: Rick

Glad you hear your rolling along.  I had a dream of you in a silky nightgown… not sure what that meant!  Here’s a hot dogging gif for your pleasure.  Rock on, Rick!

then along came Kevin, AM #1:

6:55 am

Sassy!  Here’s a little morning tingle as I stop you from doing whatever you are doing and pull you over to sit on my lap so you can feel some anticipatory throbbing as my hands work their away exploring your back and my lips lavish attention on the back of your neck.  Good morning!


Finally I heard from The Lawyer, who had been silent for ten days.

3:54 pm

I hope the sassy girl hasn’t forgotten her lawyerly suitor!  He has returned….sounds like you’ve been busy whilst i travelled!! 😉   It’s absolutely amazing to me what (i) specific sexual eccentricities so many people have, and (ii) how willing, in the confines of cyberspace, they’re willing to reveal said eccentricities! Whilst I am generally amazed, often amused, and almost always tolerant of same, alas, I’m a little short-handed in matters of fetish! 

I hope you won’t find me boring, but I love touch, taste, intensity of feeling and the combined pulses of pure pleasure that come from fully pleasing one’s partner, and in return, being fully pleased. 

My fetish is the feeling of skin-on-skin, the delights of the heat of passion, the wet warmth of a beautiful woman in full throttled passion, her physical urgency and growing forcefulness as we mutually approach a climactic rush.  I hope that’s neither too forward, too explicit, or too “vanilla”… and I do have my own underwear– but wouldn’t mind removing yours…;-)… but I have no need to try them on!


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2 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday”

  1. Dear Boston Tea Babes,

    I want to talk sexy to you, work you up into a hot frenzy. Maybe we could meet at a outdoor monument, somewhere public where you don’t have to worry. But I won’t care who listens, I’ll still talk dirty to you, get you to want to do things with me you’ve never done before. I’ll get you have erotic fantasies of domination and self reliance. I’ll make you believe you can do anything with yourself or with anyone else as long as it’s what you want and no government telling you what to do!

    And then, and then….. I…..uh; I’m going for Mexican with my boys.

    Have fun with that!

    Teddy Fun Love Patriot

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