Panties Man’s Panties

Panties Man and I are still emailing and IMing.  He is a fascinating mix of a caring friend, a very sexy man, and my first interaction with an AM man with a fetish who will openly share it with me.

We’ve fallen into a fun pattern of checking on each other every day, and he always wants to know what I’m wearing.  Taking the advice I’d gotten to give him things to do, I decided to gently demand that he send me a photo of his panties.  I am so curious!  He wants to show me, but also likes to be ordered to do it.  I cant’t go that far, but I tease him a little.  And he showed me.  Every day this week.  There is something so hot about his man parts covered in lady panties.  He has such a handsome torso and bulge!

Here’s my favorite pair he sent – going into the bathroom at work, shedding his slacks and snapping a photo for me!  It was quite a rush to see it.  And he was so happy that I thought it was hot!

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