Teasing and tantalizing

I sent AM #1 a photo of my cleavage (you know the one, my icon with the black bra) to entice him to meet me.  He liked that.  We agreed to meet in ten days and here is a sample of how we spent the time… 
From: Sassy
To: Kevin
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 1:50 PM
Subject: Friday lunch fun

Happy Friday Kevin!
Well… that seems to have worked!  Your appreciation of my assets made me smile.  And giggle.  And swoon.  That means A LOT!  I’ve been missing that for way too long.  Please do explore… with your hands, your face… and another body part.  Since breasts are the topic, here’s another moving picture to um… titillate?  
I hope you had a lovely evening wondering what it will be like to touch me.  Since we didn’t meet up, I got into trouble on the internet, looking at images.  But I kept having to close my eyes and take my hands off the keyboard due to a vision (or was it a premonition?) of a tall man in a bar, hugging me… squeezing me, breathing me in and… it went several directions after that.  I try not to get too far ahead but it is so much fun!  My brain won’t shut up!  Even now in the midst of doing payroll!  

We are kissing right there in the bar, forgetting where we are, being alone together in the crowd.  Risky!  or kissing and groping, leaning against a car.  Cold steel on my back and you very warm pressed against me in front.  Hot!  Sometimes more… in a car.  Hands, mouths… button, zippers… whee!  Sometimes… even more.  Hmmmm.
I usually consider an offer to meet very carefully, but since you asked so nicely and wrote so beautifully that it made me wet, I’ll say a week from Monday sounds great, other than it is too long away!  But let’s make good use of the time in between…
My questions for today – do people ever say you look like a celebrity?  And which female celebrity makes you tingle?  
Have a great weekend!  
From: Kevin
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2012 9:32 PM
Subject: Friday lunch fun

Good Morning Sassy:
That was easily my favorite of your short films. probably because that is exactly what we have been doing in my mind since you sent the picture of your delicious breasts.  Thanks for sharing – your visuals always get me nicely bothered! And I love what we have been doing in your mind – I am so looking forward to that moment where we first meet and hug, feeling our bodies against each other and especially when we manage to find a private spot later and share our first, heart-pounding kiss. I want your lips. I want your tongue. I want more…..
For our meeting, I will be downtown so pick whatever place you think will be the best. I can get to your area easily or we can meet anywhere convenient.
I do not get compared to any celebrities, but I can share some tingly female celebs with you. My first was Angie Dickinson. I remember her being on the cover of a magazine my mom had back in the 1970’s. I would sit and look at that picture and give myself massive erections when I was just starting to learn the joy of sexual excitement.  
In the 1980’s it was Phoebe Cates, who captured many a young man’s ….ummmm…heart?….with her topless emergence from the pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. My friends and I were so taken with her, we proclaimed that every day was “Phoebe Cates Day” and often wished each other “Happy Phoebe Cates Day” whenever one of us was in the dumps.  
Today’s most tingly females?  Salma Hayek? Yummy. Diane Lane? Makes me hard every time, which I don’t quite understand because I’ve never liked any movie she has been in. Elisabeth Shue? Adored her for years. Idina Menzel? I’d love to make her sing to me in bed. And my most recent one is Regina Spektor – on the younger side, but she has such a beautiful voice and fertile mind, that I’m willing to risk being considered a dirty old man for her:-) 
And if I could go back in time, Mae West wouldn’t have a chance at resisting my charm:-)
So feel free to analyze what my choices say about me:-)  And then share yours.

Speaking of sharing, wouldn’t it be nice right now if we were sharing lips…….

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