Hugs with groping

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He started the day off teasing me in email: 
Mmmm…I actually still don’t know what you mean by ‘hugs for groping’.  You might have to demonstrate it for me to really get it.
So I sassed him back at length
Good morning!  
You know how everyone online closes their emails with cutsey “Hugs!”  Well, Sassy can’t stop there.  She has to say, “Hugs with groping!”  Because she’s sassy!  And SEXY!  You won’t get that from any other girl.  It’s the moment when she cuts loose!  Because if you get that close to her, damn if she’s going to leave her hands around your waist!   A sassy hug includes at least one serious ass grab, some back massage, a little hip grinding and if you don’t let go, a hand is going to sneak into your front pocket to check on whether all that is having an effect!  If it’s an especially frisky day, your fly is in peril… unzip… slide a finger in… touch skin… ooooh.  
And you are encouraged to grab whatever you like… her amazing ass, a bounteous breast, and maybe even her face for a sensual kiss?  
It is best done in a public place like an elevator or an entryway to a big office building on a Saturday night, or in an alley where people are going to see you very soon, but not right this moment… it’s sexy, it’s dangerous and it’s incredible!!!  But it doesn’t go toooo far… it’s a promise of more.  When you’re alone with me… more… more… more… 
I want you to be totally dense about this concept.  I want to show you over and over!  Touch you again?  Hmmm… welll… YES PLEASE! 

We shared porn back and forth, looking at various tumblrs.  They are great when you’re figuring out what someone is into.  

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One thought on “Hugs with groping”

  1. I like your “hugs w groping”.

    What I really want to know is how you keep finding all your 6’2″ 200lb men. I swear I have run the gauntlet. Laughing.

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