Thursday, October 4, 2012
8:01 am Phil
Grrrr. Company 🙁
8:48 am                     
Hiya! Family visit? Enjoy!
I’m off work – going to MGH for 1 yr Check-up w/ radiation doc. Whee!
8:50 am Phil
good luck! My nephew is coming with their new baby! A friend’s daughter is relocating to this area and staying with us while she settles in and gets familiar.
8:50 am
I try to behave… I really do! And then you post photos of your office table and those chairs? Argh!
Ooh! Baby! Fun!
[photo of a young couple with a baby]
Is this your nephew and his wife?
8:54am Phil
Cool!  So has everyone visited now?
8:56am Phil
My other nephew and his wife are still planning a visit.  They have not been here yet with the new baby.
Great time of year to visit.  I adore autumn.  I gotta get rolling…think of me on that table with your cock buried balls deep inside me!
Do I say thank you often enough?  I so appreciate you making me smile! I know you’re busy and it’s complicated… so it is even more special.  Mwah!
10:37 am
Another murky day in Boston!

Breasts fondled by two doctors.  Whee!  Wish it had been you!
Wonderful family pix!  Thanks for sharing.
Sleep well, sweet man.

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