Connection #5

He wrote back!  I made a connection with the 5th guy!

Hi, Sassy!

Thanks for the honest email.  I do enjoy keeping in shape, but here, what I really seek first and foremost is a mental connection.  With that, everything else should work out.  People do come in all sizes, and I’m ok with that with the assumption that the person is a nice, and not lazy.  How does that sound?

Also, I do love breasts, so reading what you wrote was tantalizing. 🙂 

I look forward to hearing more from you and learning more about you.


It’s okay that I am not a gym rat!  Hallelujah!

I replied outlining my situation, and attached a photo of my famous cleavage!  He wrote right back, very impressed, and gave me his Yahoo IM.  We chatted for about two hours into the evening.  He asked if I would meet him for coffee.  I asked for more time to get to know him.  He was very friendly, nice, interesting, interested in me.  He asked good questions and answered mine.  It was easy to relax and just chat along!  Yay!

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