Desk clearing

Friday, September 28, 2012
6:23 am Phil
You know it’s gonna be a good day when you walk into this in the morning.
Desk was clear when I left last night!
[photo of binders piled high on his desk at work]
7:39am Phil
Hope lunch went safely and well. Have a great Friday!
Thanks!  It was wonderful! But made me long for you, kid.
Pray again this afternoon? drinks at 4:30 with another guy.  Whee!
8:04am Phil
Wow! You go girl!
Thanks for the desk photo…mmmm
8:10am Phil
oh yeah, it’s lovely. Stack will take all day to get through.
You know what I want to do on it?
8:13am Phil
I have an idea.  I just want to get through all the friggin paper work
Best of luck with that!  I will think about sucking on you while you do. 🙂

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