Warm him up

Saturday, September 22, 2012
10:57 am
Happy Autumn! It’s fall! Yay! Busy project day – and then party! With guest from CT. Woot!
Have a superb Saturday, kid!
11:56 am Phil
Thanks! It’s 48 here. Brrr. Enjoy your day. Trying to stay warm here. Great football weather!
11:58 am
Come here, sweets. I’ll warm you up. 😉
12:51 pm Phil
12:51 am
Any particular way you want to be heated?
12:58 am Phil
Mouth baby
1:00 pm
Mmmmm… well then. My talented mouth on you, then. Kissing as only I can… for a start.
1:12 pm Phil
Good start 
1:14 pm
I am going to nibble on your ear and your neck next… make that little breathy sound that makes you shiver.
1:45 pm
I am going to make my way down your beautiful chest until I get to what you have been waiting for and take you deep into my mouth in one big slurp!
2:00 pm Phil
2:20 pm
Gonna suck you very deep…let you feel the hot, wet mouth all around you. Then bob a bit. Then lick you, all along your gorgeous cock, around that sexy mushroom top…mmm
2:29 pm
Getting warmer?
3:45 pm Phil
Oh hell yeah!
4:03 pm
Good to know I’m on the right path! So… I’ll kiss the tip and blow on it. Then gobble you up again… looking into your eyes… watching until I see you burn and twitch… then stopping and waiting as you take deep breaths. Grinning my evil grin. Because I’m going to rev you up. Again and again. Until you squirm and beg…
4:20 pm  Phil
I like it!
4:30 pm
You say you’ve got to cum… I’ll tilt my head just so, take you in deeper, swallow you… feel your hips pop to me, your hands on my head…moaning. press my finger inside you… fill you, find the spot… I’ve learned how to make a you explode in a way you’ll never forget!
5:14 pm Phil
5:15 pm
Warm enough? Or you want more, my dear?
10:23pm Phil
That was awesome
Adore warming you up, kid.
11:46pm Phil
Don’t think about me climbing on top of you…rubbing back and forth with your cock between my lower lips.
then taking you deep inside me and riding you as you watch my chest…
12:04am Phil
Damn girl. That’s one tight hot pussy
Gonna ride you… up and down, your hands on my hips, squeezing my ass… arching my back, driving you so deep…
12:18am Phil
Yeah Sass, ride my cock
Finger my clit, kid… make me burn.
Make me shake and scream and cum all over you… feel it drip down, watch me…
then finish… bounce those hips… fill me, kid.
I want that hot white cum inside me!
12:27am Phil
Umm need to cum. Happy to fill your tight pussy

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