FFF Waiting at the door

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s bodacious blog.  Click over there to see what he and other bloggers wrote about this fun photo!

     Word Max = 200                    Word Min = 200         Bonus Words – None
     Extra Credit – See above         Key Phrase – None – Just tell me a story
     Let’s keep it tight folks.


My fourth day on vacation.  My fourth chance to sip coffee in a cafe before my wife wakes up, and watch people.  Every morning there’s a beautiful older woman at the red door across the way.  She doesn’t knock… she waits.  Eventually the door swings open… not revealing who is inside.  Each day, I make up a different story about her, who she is seeing and why… a maid, a governess, a paramour?  My imagination runs wild.  
Today she’s late.  She fidgets… shows off her beautiful ass!  I’m riveted.  She sits on the stoop… pulls her knees up… quite a show!   The men at the next table comment in Spanish – words I don’t know but they aren’t kind. 
She finally strolls over the cafe.  The owner hands her a steaming cup.  She plunks down in the chair opposite me.  
“Tourista?” She asks.  Ugh.  
“Si,” I nod and wink, feeling bold.  
“Hilton?” she fishes for my lodging.  I shake my head, pointing West, naming a small bed & breakfast place near the beach about 10 blocks away.  She smiles.  I am enchanted. 
She points up the hill in the other direction.  “Mi casa,” she whispers.  She rises and takes my hand. 

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5 thoughts on “FFF Waiting at the door”

  1. Si! It pays to speak the lingo for the locals…. But I think eye contact and a bulging crotch are international…..

    A fun take on the picture, a great imagination, and a huge thumbs up for being option #2.

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