Shallow waters

Sunday, September 16, 2012 

Dear Readers,

Fair warning!  There are going to be a different kind of posts in my blog now and then.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and not be too shocked at the new path I am choosing to explore.

Two years ago, I jumped into the deep waters of an extra-marital affair with Philip.  Now I’m going to try wading in the shallow waters of online dating married men.  Whee!  Will any guy write to me?  Will I meet anyone?  Will I actually get to have sex for a change?

I’ll still post my conversations with Philip – he is encouraging me to find someone local and is interested in following along on my adventures.

If nothing else, there will be great stories, I’m sure.  Please keep reading and riding the dating roller coaster with me!  Mwah!


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