FFF Tentiginous

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday Challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and other bloggers wrote about this hot photo!  My thoughts are below.  If you blog, play along!  It’s easy and fun!  
Word Length = 9 inches  (LOL)
Word Count = 200
Forbidden Words = Cock, Penis, Schlong, Tower of Power
Required Words =  Tentiginous & Anticipation
Bonus Words = (Birth month + age)/3)+15
(Ladies) Tell us about your biggest 
(Men) Admit one insecurity
Extra Credit = How long has he been like that and did others see him?
I checked in at the Hilton and texted him the room number.  We hadn’t seen each other in forever. I had given up on him finding room in his schedule.  He IM’d me at 7:30 am, said his first meeting had been cancelled and asked if could I meet him at 9?  He offered to bring me a Boston Cream Donut!  Luckily I am not a woman who takes much time to prep for a date!  

He seemed distracted.  Maybe he wasn’t interested in me anymore?  I stared out the window, filled with anticipation, fantasizing about how I could re-ignite our chemistry.  Perhaps an erotic story?  Men adore it when I spin out a scenario in my sultry voice.  Or rub his feet as he relaxes and work my way up?  Or greet him naked?  Hmm…. I took off my shoes and socks.  Should I continue unzipping and unbuttoning, or let him do it?  Choices, choices. 

He knocked and I ran to open the door.  He smiled so sweetly, lowered his briefcase and… oh my!

“Sassy!” he exclaimed.  “I’ve been tentiginous for three hours!  Had to keep my briefcase in front of me everywhere I went!”

Now that’s interested!  

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