Belated wishes

Monday, September 10, 2012
8:09 am Phil
[a rare public post on my Facebook wall]

Happy Birthday Sass! I hope you have a fabulous day that involves lobster!

8:13 am Phil

I missed your Birthday! I’m so sorry, got so wrapped up in the weekend, I forgot the important thing. I wish you love, happiness and lobster. Hope you had a great day Sass!
Just watched the dancing in the dark video. Have not seen it for years! Great to see a young Clarence Clemmens and young Bruce!  Concert was amazing, had a blast!
Thanks, kid.  You say the sweetest things!  Have a great Monday!
Busy day for you?  I get to have my teeth cleaned and start PT for my stupid leg.  Whee!
Hope your Monday rolled along.
Here’s a thought for this evening… sweet dreams, kid.  

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