Labor Day Lobsta

Monday, September 3, 2012
11:06 am
Happy Labor Day from a union gal!
7:54 pm
Hiya kid. Hope your aches are going away and you had a fun day. My cough is gone! My leg is still killing me but I said screw it and went to the beach! And ate lobsta! So wish you had been there… gorgeous clear day.

We tried to eat a new place, Lobster Pool in Rockport, but they were swamped – 90 minute wait!  Not doing that.  So we ended up at the old favorite Losta Land in Gloucester!

 View on the Ipswich Bay from the Lobster Pool restaurant
 the Lobster Pool restaurant, Rockport, MA

 The lobster stained glass @ Lobsta Land, Gloucester
 Annisquam River, Gloucester 
Heron Way Marina, Annisquam River, Gloucester 

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