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Dear Readers, 
It’s time once again to to take a break from Phillip and SassyLand for another strange and wonderful edition of Sassy Answers, where I answer a question from one of you!  
Q.  What do you wear to bed? 
A.  A big old nightshirt and panties.  
This is a question I get asked a lot!  I know you’re expecting me to sleep au natural.  Or perhaps in some skimpy, silky, sexy thing with spaghetti straps from a French designer.  
You’ve already seen my panties (pink and blue!), but today I’m showing off my favorite nightshirt!  I adore dark blue.  I’m not usually one for busy patterns, but there is something about this design with the stars, moons and swirls that perks me up every time I wear it.  The colors have faded a lot so it’s less startling.  It’s not particularly sexy, but comfortable and functional cotton.  
Left to my own devices, and if I didn’t live with Hubby, I’d sleep in the nude.  However, he is a prude who asked me to limit his views of naked women (or maybe it’s just me?) on a regular basis, so I started covering up soon after he moved in.    
So if you imagine crawling into bed with me or talking to me on my computer when I haven’t gotten dressed yet or am getting ready for bed, chances are that I’ll be wearing this little demure number.  
Now be a good doobie and tell me what you sleep in?

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2 thoughts on “Sassy Answers – Sassy Sleepwear”

  1. Hey, it all depends on who I am sleeping with….hee. mostly it is something from April Cornell, feminine. Or my yoga togs, easier to be motivated to work out. Definitely not my imported corsets. Unless….duty calls.

  2. I’m with you. Left to my own devices I’d probably skip clothing for bed. In my house I’m usually down to just boxer briefs or just loose shorts. Personally I have a hard time sleeping with a shirt on. Just feels like I’m being strangled. And not in a good way! Lol.

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