Shower sucking

Saturday, August 18, 2012
9:18 am
Good morning! Gray rain here – gotta be my own sunshine!
Have a super Saturday!
9:23 am                     
Thinking of the number TWO.
You, me and the magic we’ve made since 8/18/10! Thanks, kid.

Classic Sesame Street:
Two Is You and Me
[sadly this video is gone and I can’t find another]
2 is my favorite number
2 is neat
2 is being together
2 is sweet
2 is you and another someone having fun
2 is simple
2 is easy
All 2 is is 1 and 1
2 is all laughing and loving
2 is right!
2 is somebody’s arms just holding tight
2 you see
Is better by far than 1 could ever be

‘Cause 2 is you and me
Hope you had a good day.
Hmmm… your thought for tonight is me… in the shower… with you….like this? 

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