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Rare photos of some amazing people
Happy Saturday dear readers!  
I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, like you do, when I saw a link a pal shared to a fun set of old photos of famous people.  There were several I hadn’t seen, including a very early photo of the Beatles and an amazing one of Sean Connery.  Click over there and marvel at them.  I’ll wait. 
I got stuck on the one of Don Johnson… oh, how I crushed on him during “Miami Vice” and “Long, Hot Summer” days!  But there was something more – the way he is looking right at the camera, the way he is touching Melanie.  I don’t have many memories of my teenage time with Philip, but every now and then, something triggers a vivid image.  
I looked at this photo and was overwhelmed with a clear view of me sitting on Philip’s lap… after we broke up.  We were friends around church and drama club for two years after he dumped me, so we hung out at various events and every once in a while, he’d get very friendly.  I don’t know where we were… some party or church event.  And I was on his lap, and he was touching me casually… and I was so excited!  I didn’t know what that meant in those days, but every nerve in my body was firing and everything seemed right with the world!  It’s amazing to feel that moment again.

Excuse me.  I have to go stare at this photo some more and it’s tough to keep my hands on the keyboard when I do!


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2 thoughts on “On his lap”

  1. I love how certain things can take you back like that in an instant. For me it’s usually certain songs, a particular cd or tape, perhaps a smell.

    I love that. Nostalgia feels good.

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