FFF Obligation

It’s Flash Fiction Friday fun!  Click over to Advizor54’s bodacious blog to read what he and a bunch of boisterous bloggers saw in this salacious photo.  What do you see?  Join in and add your post to his list.  Here are the guidelines:

Word Length = 200     
Required Phrase = Obligation    
Forbidden Words = Payment, Prediliction, Prostitution
Extra Credit = Make it personal

Bonus Words = 25 extra for explaining the tuxedos, 25 more if this isn’t about the money


The daily text from the boss came early, “Formal, 9 pm, 1116 E. 88th, Karen.”  I groaned.  This gig ticked me off!  I hate putting on a tux, going that early, to that place, with… that woman.  

I’d been tagging along with working girls for almost two years.  It’s better than being a bouncer, and better money than being an escort myself – I get to keep my clothes on.  My only obligation is to take care of the lady.  I make sure the guys treat the girl right, step in when they drink too much, doesn’t happen much with the high class clientele the boss books.  

But about two months ago, I fell hard for Karen.  I want her.  In my arms, in my bed, bouncing on my cock!  I can’t stand to see her with a another guy.  She’s so hot, so sweet and he gets to touch her and I don’t.  It’s driving me nuts.

So tonight, the dude is a regular.  She doesn’t want to be alone with him and I’ll get stuck watching.  It’s tempting to beg off but some other guard might not watch over her right… ugh.  Time to go suffer.  And enjoy.  

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6 thoughts on “FFF Obligation”

  1. oooh, that’s good. I wonder how often (not ‘if’) that happens when security falls for the girl? Very tender in a way, so close and yet so far. Thanks for FFFing with us!

  2. The date on this story must be pre-smart phone because I thought nowadays the guy would be thumbing through his phone if the scene in front was not interesting enough!

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