Monday, August 13, 2012
7:44am Phil
It was a lot of fun.  Lots to see.  Spent 6 hours wandering about, bought a few things.
Went back to a friends for pizza and beer. Good day.
Great! How’s home/office after being away?

4:05 pm 
I skipped work today – my car needed an oil change and new headlamp bulb.  I was petrified that they’d find something else, but it only came to $53 thank goodness!  We hung out at the library while we waited.  Then we went to a barbecue place for a quick lunch – $6.49 specials!  Then we camped out a new frozen yogurt place that has free wifi, chatted with project pals who popped in.  
Redbones Barbecue Restaurant
10:02 pm
Hiya, kid. You watching football?

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