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Sassy is sad today.  The sexy blog world is an upbeat place most days, but sometimes there is bad news.  People stop writing.  I know it’s a first world problem of the highest order, but I feel a great loss when the posts end.  I understand they are under no obligation to share.  Blogging is a lot of work.  And there comes a time when it’s best to move on.

One of my favorite sexy lady bloggers, Luna Moon, published her final post today.  I was very happy to catch it and have a chance to bid her farewell.  Too many times a blog disappears and I never know why or get a chance to archive my favorite posts!

If you haven’t read her words before, take a look at her blog while you can.  She is an amazing writer!  She mixed humor and experience and emotion like a master chef and presented it in style!  She did very sexy things and held well-thought out opinions and wrote beautifully about them.   She chimed in on blog memes that fostered community like TMI Tuesdays and Kat’s Blog Chain, and posted some very hawt HNTs when that was a thing.  She shared very openly and shed light on parts of the diverse sexual universe I had only heard of in whispers before, if at all.  She took her readers along on her good and bad days.  The light is going out.

She was a very early supporter of mine when I wandered into the blog world, the first blogger to email me – one week in! – and she commented regularly to offer her support and praise.  She helped me figure out which buttons to push to make things happen in my blog.  She recommended blogs for me to read and learn from.  She told me who the good guys were and warned me about the bad ones.  She let me know I was not whispering into the void.

She’s off on other adventures!  Join me in wishing her well!  I hope we’ll hear from her again someday soon!


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  1. i agree 100%, she was always a joy to read and I got the privilege of exchanging a couple of e-mails with her that made me realize how special she was in many ways.

    A loss to our little corner of the blogosphere….

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