Curing Creepy Dude

Year 2 – Week 52
Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Oooh! I’ve been longing for lobster.  So glad one of us could get some.
Have a great Wednesday, kid.
Here’s a long but important article about changing the culture of our social groups to prevent acceptance of men who attack women.  Thought it’d cheer you that it’s on Facebook and generating discussion in the civilian world.
#322 & #323 “My friend group has a case of the Creepy Dude. How do we clear that up?”
Even the comments are good!  The idea (in a comment) that stood out was teaching women a hand sign to make, like L for loser, that’d alert their friends to gather around and get the guy to back off and know his behavior won’t be tolerated, help the group protect each other.
10:13am Phil
Wow! Scary but awesome.
Maybe if the civilian culture shifts, it will be easier when they go into the military.
2:10pm Phil
It is not going to shift. Hollywood glamorizes it, music does.  thats what makes this so hard.
Are you finding anything that makes a difference?
8:21 pm Phil 
Yes.  Empower bystanders.
9:57 pm Phil
[him drinking from a huge glass]
Mucho Tequila
9:58 pm Phil 
Last night. Fish Tacos of course.
Are you sloshed and frisky?
I am home alone, thinking of your skin again!
Sweet dreams, kid.  Sleep well.
And safe travels tomorrow!
12:17am Phil
Enjoying a cigar.
Anxious to get back to work and to be home.

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