Olympics day

Friday, August 3, 2012
Good morning! Happy Friday!  Hope the desert is fun.
I’m off to Brooklyn for the weekend.  Sis going to a show, needed someone to hang w/ my niece.  So I get a free trip!
8:31 pm

had an amazing Polish dinner at Karczma Polish Restaurant, Brooklyn N.Y. with Sis and her family and some pals of hers – kielbasa, potato pancakes, and pirogies – YUM!
Hiya kid. I’m settled in at the hotel in Brooklyn with my niece, letting her eat ice cream and watch the Olympics!  Whee.  Hope you had a great day. 
11:40 pm Phil
Back in the city. Enjoying a beer waiting on my sushi order for supper. Gonna do laundry and watch the olympics. Tomorrow, I am renting a bike and riding!
11:42 pm
Yay! My niece is still up watching the Olympics. She loves it! Wished you were with me at dinner – very yummy Polish food, a lot like German. Mmm… sushi. Enjoy!
What sushi are you eating? I adore that stuff… 
11:47 pm Phil
Poki roll and something else with spicy tuna
11:47 pm
Yum! On your own or with buddies?
12:02 am Phil
Just me

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