Pool day

Thursday, August 2, 2012
Good morning!  You do know how to start a gal’s day off right!  Mmmm…dayum, kid.
looking at your photos, thinking about what I’d do.  It involves my voice… my mouth… my fingers… my chest… and my new toys!  Have a great Thursday, kid. 
10:04am Phil
Guess I was feeling randy. That’s a graphic photo.  does not leave much to the imagination
Big ass, cock and balls hanging waiting for a mouth or hands
10:58am I adore randy! You made me one big bundle of want! So wish I could show you how good you make me feel – so alive and sexy. You’d get sucked, fucked by my BOB, and ridden hard, mister.  I need a hot pounding so bad… please help me! 
12:00 pm Phil
[Philip standing in a fountain]
Why not?
Kid!  You are looking so trim and handsome.  Wrap those arms around me…
12:15pm Phil
Why thank you. Could not pass up the chance to jump in the fountain
You are such a big kid!  It’s so fun to see.   
I do stuff like that and get crap for it… but it keeps us young! 
That and the sex.    
1:10pm Phil
Ha ha. I don’t much care what people think
1:42 pm Phil 
[photo of an endless flat road and dry countryside]
Through the desert
1:55 pm Phil 
Think I like the city better
3:30 pm Phil 
Damn, a bar in the middle of the desert, next to a pool!
5:11 pm Phil 
Water’s a little warm but it will do.
[pool photo]
5:11 pm Phil 
[photo of him sliding down the water slide]
Only the shadow knows. Whee!

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