Small world

2012 Year 2 -Week 51

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
8:17 am 
Good morning! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!           
So sorry about last night… sat down on my bed to change clothes at 8 pm, woke at 7:30 am! Oops!
You, hot tub…mmmm
The idea of that jazzed up my morning shower…
9:43am  Phil 
Good morning! No worries.  Enjoy the day!
10:35 am Phil 
[beautiful sunset over the ocean photo]
Another busy day for you?
11:38am Phil 
Always! Wouldn’t have it any other way.
6:09 pm Phil
Ahhhhhh — at Downtown Disney.
6:31 pm Phil 
Margaritas — at Tortilla Jo’s.
Ooh!  Disney Land!  You lucky duck! 
7:34pm Phil 
Ha ha ha It’s a small world after all
7:40 pm Phil 
[photo of him outside in shorts]
Whoo Hooo. Disney Land!
8:38 pm Phil 
Good New Orleans chow — at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.
My goodness you do flit about!  
Adored seeing your legs… couldn’t help but think about how they’d feel in my hands when I was making you feel good.
9:14pm Phil
Ha ha
You full of jambalaya or étouffée?
Or gumbo? 
1:20 am Phil
Blackened chicken carbonara, gumbo and bread pudding.
1:20 am
with beer?
1:23 am Phil
Margaritas, hurricanes, more margaritas and then beer
1:23 am
oh my!
Is this all on expense account?
1:26 am Phil
Of course! Your tax dollars at work. 
Off tomorrow for a round of golf and steaks on the grill!
1:27 am
Yay!  I’m off to bed… sweet dreams, Kid.
1:29 am Phil
Nite Sass, sweet dreams
1:44 am Phil 
Soaking in the Jacuzzi
2:31 am Phil 
[cock shot #1]
2:32 am Phil 
[cock shot #2]
2:33 am Phil
[cock shot #3]
2:43 am Phil
[ass shot]
2:44 am Phil
What would you do with that?
Laying here stroking. Need to cum. Mmmm

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