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Monday, July 30 2012
Good morning!  Hope your week is off to a grand start.
Perfect here – 70 and clear and dry!  Have fun!

6:35 pm
Tried a new barbecue restaurant

6:49 pm Phil
For those who think I didn’t bring a uniform.  [photo of him in uniform in a meeting]
We are working 7 days a week but there is always time to play a little. 🙂
11:42 pm Phil
Calamari steaks. Taste just like lobster.

11:46pm Phil
Fun day. Great weather. Great food.
Amazing calamari steaks. Dipped in lemon butter, taste like lobster
Oh my… *drool*
11:50pm Phil
Best I ever had. Place next door had $2.50 margaritas.
Girl sat next to me at the bar told me the waitresses tits were fake but hers were Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yikes. She was sweet. When we left I told her I’d take Kentucky Fried over fake any day. She had a huge smile when we left. Never hurts to be nice.
I think yours are lobster grown and I do love lobster.
Yowza!  Thank you, sweetie!
11:57pm Phil
Ha ha!
Was someone with you for this flirt fest?
12:03am Phil
Yea, buddy, the guy in the pick.
He was no help
12:05am Phil
He was laughing as I tried to extricate myself gracefully
Shit bag
Hee hee
Did it make you frisky?
12:13am Phil
Not really but I’m always frisky
Ah… if only.
But you do alright.  
12:17am Phil
Gonna have a cigar with my pal and then lay down and get off
Call me.
12:17am Phil
Gonna be an hour or so
That ok?
Yes.  I wanna help.  And hear you.
12:18am Phil
Ah, cool!
Get your toy out.
Want pictures of wet pussy, fingers
Get your pants and panties off. Free the titties
Keep this up and I will cum before you get back…
12:32am Phil
That’s ok. You can cum twice.
Can’t wait to lube up my cock and ass ready to play
Pussy, assholes, coxks, tits, mouths and tongues all being used and enjoyed
Off for a drink and then I need to cum. Looking forwards to it.
Showered and ready. Help me cum babe.
Back in a few, naked, ready to fuck and be fucked.
1:52 am
I thought I could stay up… but I am fading.
So sorry!!! Find me tomorrow…
1:54 am
can’t remember if I sent this before…
but here’s a very hot video, one of my favorites
5 minutes that might help in my absence… http://advizortoall.tumblr.com/post/19532711523/delectatiomorosa-it-reminds-me-of-the-mia-rose
2:18 am Phil
Finally back
Good nite girl
Tomorrow then. I can wait

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  1. i love seeing my links another person’s blog. that clip is incredibly hot and I’m so very very glad yo u liked it. I hope he liked it too.

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